Holly Rilinger puts a little “Studio 54” in her new After Hours workout party

It's probably the first interval-based workout you’ll do to a live DJ, while a disco ball spins overhead. And that’s just the first hour.
Holly Rilinger fitness and Flywheel trainer
Holly Rilinger wants you to let your hair down at her fitness dance party

On Friday, March 1, instead of donning a dress and heels to go sweat it out on the dance floor of Tenjune, New York City fitness trainer Holly Rilinger wants you show up in your workout capris and sneakers for her new After Hours fitness dance party.

This is probably the first interval-based workout (think push-ups and burpees) you’ll do to a live DJ, while a disco ball spins overhead. And that’s just the first hour.

Then, instead of doing a cool down, you’ll move the mats aside and get down, while DJ Deziner cranks the music, the lights dim, and the healthy dance party kicks off. Though it’s not too healthy—the ticket price includes a cocktail (and lots and lots of Vita Coco).

The idea’s been brewing for Rilinger for some time: “It’s one thing to be focused on your fitness goals and work hard, which I’ve done as an athlete all my life,” says the hot-shot Flywheel instructor and Training Camp founder. “It’s another thing to let go, and find a place you’re free.

When I’m off my Flywheel bike and dancing around the room, I’m experiencing joy. When I’m at a club, it’s the same thing,” says Rilinger, who admits to a party-girl phase after her pro basketball career. This event pairs both hard work and the opportunity for dance-floor abandon.

Her debut event holds 50, although Rilinger says she can see it growing quickly and becoming a true workout dance-club size. That is, if people are willing to dance in the tanks and tights they’ve just sweat through. “It’s all about the freedom, and the endorphins,” Rilinger says. “You really won’t care that you’re already sweaty.” —Melisse Gelula

Friday, March 1 from 9–11pm. $75, includes workout, beverages, raw food snacks from Gingersnap’s Organics, and an After Hours t-shirt. Stepping Out Studios, 37 W. 26th St., 9th fl. To book, visit www.hollyrilinger.com

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