You’re probably spending less than 1% of your life exercising

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And you thought the number of people who are actually healthy was low.

As part of its latest campaign, 25,915 Days (which is the average lifespan, AKA 71 years), Reebok has broken down the number of days you’re likely to spend on different activities—and it turns out all those hours spent at the barre, the gym, the spin studio may not add up to as much as you thought.

A study, conducted in partnership with global consultancy Censuswide, evaluated nine countries around the world and discovered that the average human will spend just 0.69 percent of her life exercising—or 180 days out of 25,915.

The average human will spend just 0.69 percent of her life exercising.

But don’t let that number discourage you too much—chances are if you’re reading this, you may be more into the #workdayworkout than the average person. Our editorial team did some math—we’re writers, though, cut us some slack—and even if you’re just completing the base rate of daily physical activity recommended by the U.S. government, you should at least be at the 2 percent marker—and we like to think that the average Well+Good reader (and employee) is well above even that number (right?!).

The study did reveal some other interesting (and less depressing) stats:

  • Americans challenge themselves to do something physically tough the most, on average 9.84 times per month—this list must be the inspiration.
  • We also spend the most on fitness at $16.05 per week (so roughly half the cost of one SoulCycle class…)
  • We’re are also the most adventurous, trying something new on an average of seven times per month.

And with 7.1 percent of your time spent with loved ones, 29.7 percent spent sitting down, and 41 percent looking at technology (we’re trying to cut back on this one!), the stats might make you rethink all that solo smartphone time.

“The spirit of 25,915 isn’t one of fear, but of hope and opportunity,” says Yan Martin, vice president of global brand communications at Reebok. “This study will hopefully help to push and inspire people to do more. Run one extra lap, climb a few extra stairs—it could mean one more lap of the earth by the time your 25,915 days are up.”

As part of their #honoryourdays challenge, Reebok invites you calculate your days and share the ways you’re exploring the world—and moving your body.

And if you want to even out your loved ones-to-technology time ratio, maybe a digital detox is in order as well?

Want to get moving right now? Check out this 5-minute full body burn or instantly boost your mood with this quick sweat sesh from the founder of IntenSati. 

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