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When morning runs are cut short by early meetings and deadlines trump your evening workout, you've got to get in some fitness at work. Here's how.

Athlete and fitness apparel designer Melissa Moo Harkins did the Lake Placid Ironman, then crossed the finish line and promptly got married, still wearing her running shoes and medal. So you could call the Moo Motion founder a serious fitness multi-tasker.

Turns out that’s an excellent skill, especially when your morning runs are cut short by early meetings and unmet deadlines make you miss your evening sweat class (hate!). Harkins says, you’ve just got to make it happen at the office. “I am the queen of sacrificing pride for fitness!” she says proudly.

Here are some moves she recommends folding into your work day, even though, she admits, “they’ve gotten me many a strange look.”

1. Do pushups and legs lifts off the photocopier. While it’s shooting out the pages of your proposal, your heart-rate should shoot up, too.

2. Waiting for the coffee to brew? Challenge your coworkers to a wall-sit contest till it’s ready.

3. Practice conference call multitasking (preferably a non-video chat): Stand during the call and get your squats and plies in.

Got some fitness moves for the office? Share them in the Comments, below!