The buzzy home trend that’s about to make your winter way cozier

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If you think trading happy hour for a night of Netflix is just a solo mission, think again.

There’s an overwhelming feeling of nesting and resting that’s taking over among millennials right now, perhaps in reaction to the burnout levels this generation is facing. (Blame it on the glorification of busy.) And the pins don’t lie—staying in is one of the biggest trending topics on Pinterest right now, proving tons of people are joining in on the couch action.

A Pinterest insider crunched the numbers, and searches on at-home activities reign supreme—dinner parties are the number-one pinned topic among millennials, “girls’ night in” is up 35 percent from last year, and self-care has blown up, rising 121 percent.

What is happening? It’s all about hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”), a Danish term that describes this snuggly vibe, whose popularity is spread far beyond its Scandinavian roots.

Photo: Harper Collins
Photo: Harper Collins

“Hygge has been called everything—from ‘the art of creating intimacy,’ ‘the coziness of the soul,’ and ‘the absence of annoyance,’ to ‘taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things,’ ‘cozy togetherness,’ and ‘cocoa by candlelight,'” explains Meik Wiking, author of the upcoming The Little Book of Hygge, out January 17, and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (seriously).

And before you write it off as a quaint, yet Scandi-specific custom, think about it. Between stepping up your cozy bedroom-and-pajama game for a Gilmore Girls marathon, filling up your favorite mug with a warm wellness beverage before a bath, or even canceling your dinner plans in favor of a DIY face mask and wine—you’ve been participating in hygge for a while.

And Pinterest confirms that the trend is spreading globally, with searches growing 285 percent since this time last year.

So next time your bestie suggests a wild night out, you’ve got about 5.6 million Danes who can help convince her otherwise. (They are the happiest country in the world, after all.)

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