Inside the tricked-out apartment that actually makes you healthier

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If you have to suck in your stomach to fit in the space between your bed and tiny closet, are used to killing cockroaches, and constantly emphasize the word “character” when you talk about your apartment, you live in New York. And you’re about to get seriously depressed.

Innovative healthy-home company Delos is set to finish construction on its first residential building in the West Village, where the “WELL Certified” condos are not only expansive and gorgeous, they actually make you healthier, just by living in them. Think floors that help your back, perfectly pure air, and an endless array of other unbelievable features, all of which are part of the “WELL Building Standard” the company developed after six years of research and development.

Good news for non-bajillionaries: “The WELL Building Standard is applicable across all building types including homes, hotels, offices, schools, community centers and hospitals,” says founder Paul Scialla. Delos has already created Stay Well Rooms at the MGM Grand that you can upgrade to for $30, and it’s working on an Los Angeles school and community center for underprivileged children.

Here’s your chance look inside the model wellness home. Dog not included.

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Delos Walking into the apartment immediately transports you into a healthier bubble. The air is cleaned via a UV Air Sanitizer that kills airborne bacteria and a Particle Filter that traps allergens, and large plants are everywhere for botanical filtration. Floors are made with a floating construction and cork overlays “for maximum lumbar support,” and there are EMF shields in some rooms to reduce magnetic fields created by high-current wires.

A programmable aromatherapy dispenser releases your preferred scent into the air, and even the piano has a healthy intention: sound therapy. (Although playing chopsticks over and over probably won’t work.)


Delos The kitchen and dining room may be the most health-boosting area of all. A wheatgrass shelf and juicing station support your excellent green drink habits, and window planters full of fresh herbs cut will down on farmer’s market trips.

Counter tops are seamlessly constructed to eliminate bacteria-trapping crevices, and a high-powered exhaust hood banishes nitrogen dioxide and other compounds created by combustion. A high-tech sediment and and carbon filter ensures that every drop of water from the tap is perfectly pure.


The gorgeous bathroom doubles as a personal spa. There’s a steam shower, whirlpool bath, and sauna, which you get to by treading on a reflexology path. Plus, the lighting isn’t just flattering: One offers therapy to help alleviate the winter blues and several chromotherapy lights change hue to enhance mood or promote relaxation.

Delos The bedroom’s sleep-inducing amenities are enough to cure a New Yorker’s coffee addiction. (Maybe.)

Acoustic-damping walls and windows keep out sirens and sidewalk shouting, and blackout shades do the same for sunlight and street lamps. Also, a sleep garden full of lavender and night-blooming jasmine releases calming scents from their most natural source. Which brings us to an important question: If you lived in this apartment, would you ever leave?

Great, now how do you get your own budget-friendly version? Here are 3 simple ways to make your home healthier and these 9 hygge hacks are key to getting in on the cozy home design trend.

Originally published July 2013.

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