7 health rules to live by, according to Lea Michele

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Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

Lea Michele is practically a pro when it comes to staying healthy and happy throughout her day.

We know she’s obsessed with SoulCycle and always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to clean beauty, but in an recent interview with Byrdie, the Scream Queens actress shares her healthy routine—which is seriously #goals.

But, as healthy Michele is, she’s learned to turn what makes her feel healthy into a lifestyle—never a diet or regimen.

Between finding the workouts that she looks forward to and enjoying delicious (and organic) food—and pinpointing some seriously specific daily habits that make everything better—Michele wowed us with her wellness know-how.

Keep reading to see Michele’s seven rules for a healthy, happy life.

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Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

1. Start your day with a steam shower

After a quick cup of coffee in her comfiest Calvin Kleins, Michele is sure to leave time for a steam shower on even her busiest days—which helps de-puff and sweat out all of the toxins. She’s also known to love a good soak in the tub with her favorite Epsom salt: “You put it in the tub and try to soak for a least 20 minutes at night, and you sleep so well.”

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

2. Never use heat tools on your hair

As an actress, Michele is used to daily primping and prepping on set and for red carpets—from full-face makeup to a different hairstyle every day. And while that may sound like a dream for most women, it can leave serious damage on a girl’s hair and skin, which is why she’s all about the recharge-and-repair process. “When I’m not working, I don’t touch my hair,” she explains. “I wash it and put it in a bun and I let it breathe, and I don’t put any heat tools on it or anything like that.” She also loves a good DIY hair mask, from coconut oil on the ends to eucalyptus oil in the her roots.

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

3. Drink your greens and eat your fruit

As an avid juicer, Michele is all about consuming her greens in liquid form. “It has to be green, because I’m not a sweets person,” she says. “You have to be careful to minimize the fruit. You should really eat your fruits—but you’re supposed to chew your fruit and you can drink your greens, [although] it’s good to chew your greens too.” Michele’s go-to smoothie? Spinach, kale, and a little banana. “You could even throw broccoli in there, something like that!”

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

4. Eat light during the day—then have whatever you want at night

“My breakfast usually consists of avocado toast, maybe an egg white with some greens, and a green juice. So I love having a really healthy, good breakfast to start the day,” she explains. As the day goes on, she tries to stick to light snacking and a light lunch with quinoa or tofu, so that she stays energized whether she’s shooting a scene, recording a song, or on set for a photoshoot. (Plus, she likes to stay away from any possible bloating if she’s going to be on camera.) But at the end of the day, Michele lets loose—often opting for things like red wine, pizza, or cheese.

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

5. Mix up your workouts

Although Michele is a huge SoulCycle fan—she admits she goes almost every day—she also knows how important to it is to mix it up. “Throughout the course of the week, I’ll definitely do SoulCycle, a hot yoga class, and I’ll hike,” she says. “I have a beautiful trail right by my house that I hike and it’s just gorgeous.”

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

6. Drink only organic red wine

She’s a self-professed homebody: “Listen—I don’t like to go out. I enjoy a good night out for dinner, but once the clock strikes, like, 8 o’clock, I’m all about an early-bird special,” she says. But her favorite vice is organic red wine. “I only keep organic red wine in my house because it has no sulfites,” she explains. “It’s better for you—you get all the actual beneficial properties of the red wine and it also doesn’t give you a hangover. It’s amazing!” Her favorite? Our Daily Reda “fantastic organic red wine with zero sulfites.”

Photo: Instagram/@msleamichele

7. Drink hot water and lemon before bed

She isn’t the first celeb to admit that she loves to sip on hot water and lemon whenever she can—Cate Blanchett and Jen Aniston are huge fans of sipping on it first thing. But Michele makes sure to have at least one cup before bed every night. “For me drinking water and getting a ton of sleep at night is the best thing because I have to have energy for my days, to work, and to be on.”

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