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Learn inversions with Briohny Smyth, star of Equinox’s sexy yoga video

Briohny Smyth
Smyth is leading two inversion workshops (Photo: Daniel Cristol 2011)

Equinox’s racy yoga video, “The Contortionist” went viral soon after it was posted, and it inspired lots of reactions—from amazement, to anger, to hilarious parody.

But everyone who viewed it agreed on one thing: Its star, L.A. instructor Briohny Smyth (filmed in her underwear), has some seriously awesome yoga moves.

Now, Smyth is coming to Pure Yoga to share her impressive inversions with New Yorkers. (She’ll probably be wearing a tad more.)

For one weekend in May, Smyth and her yoga teacher husband Dice Iida-Klein will teach inverted backbends (May 19 at Pure West) and handstands (May 20 at Pure East).

A lingerie shopping spree may be in order to prepare.—Lisa Elaine Held

Workshops with Smyth and Iida-Klein, May 19–20, $35 for members, $40 for non-members,