Madonna opens more Hard Candy Fitness centers, but not in the U.S.

Later this summer, Madonna and her dancers will celebrate the opening of her second, super-luxe Hard Candy gym—in Moscow. We've got photos! (And jealousy.)
Madonna Hard Candy On August 6, Madonna will roll into Moscow with her team of dancers to celebrate the grand opening of her luxe gym’s newest location. The expansive (read: 38,000 square feet) facility has contemporary design features and a group fitness studio tricked out with a specialized dance floor, a swish pool and spa, a boxing ring, and an anti-gravity yoga studio.

Madge opened the first Hard Candy gym in Mexico City in the fall of 2010 and has since launched the Moscow spot, with a location in Santiago, Chile, set to open this summer, plus a St. Petersburg location planned for later this year. Our question is: When will the queen of New York City fitness bring her marble-floored, top-of-the-line, “No sweat, no candy” approach to fitness to the U.S.? We’re waiting.

Here’s a peek into the new digs…


Get Started

Your addiction to sweat starts here, where Madonna’s larger-than-life image checks you out as you check in—at a reception desk that casts a glow onto the marble floor. We’re hoping the candy canes are just for show, because they’d be an odd choice for pre-workout fuel.



Start your workout with some laps in the state-of-the-art pool and end with a visit to the luxurious spa.



The club boasts Moscow’s first-ever anti-gravity yoga studio, making it easy to flip your practice upside down.



Women’s boxing is in the Olympics for the first time this year, so you may feel inspired to start throwing punches. Who wouldn’t in a ring that looks like this?



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