Miracles Now: Gabrielle Bernstein’s message of self-love for the masses

The modern spiritual maven’s new book is the most approachable installment in her self-love-cultivating books yet.
(Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein)
(Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein)


Gabrielle Bernstein created a movement of Spirit Junkies, young, often career-focused women who gravitated to her  modern message delivered in an up-and-coming designer’s dress.

Now Bernstein, who’s been called a cross between Tony Robbins and Carrie Bradshaw (by us), is directing her inspirational call to the masses with Miracles Now: 108 Life-Changing Tools for Less Stress, More Flow, and Finding Your True Purpose, the latest, most approachable installment of her self-love-cultivating books, which hits shelves today.

Miracles Now It comes after her three popular published works, Add More Ing to Your Life and her New York Times best-seller May Cause Miracles, both on her spiritual philosophy—and Spirit Junkie, her personal story.

What’s different about Bernstein’s new book is its accessible format of super-tangible tips and easy-to-do practices. It’s written for those too stressed to make time to de-stress: Rather than read it cover to cover, it has a reference-y style for when you’re asking yourself, “What do I do about this nightmare situation?” It’s as close as a book can get to having the guru on speed-dial for answers.

“This book is for anyone who’s stressed out and wants to feel better quickly,” Bernstein says of Miracles Now, which is comprised of 108 tools you can use in the moment to prevent, say, an inappropriate freakout at work or when visiting your parents. (Just for example.) “This is how to get yourself out of a breakdown moment now, hence the name Miracles Now,” she says.

Her direction for the book came from the palpable need for get-a-grip interventions in everyday moments (something her community requested), and Bernstein’s own growing interest and training in Kundalini, a mantra-based, spiritual school of yoga that has practices for all manner of situations (eradicating the ego to inviting prosperity). Similarly, Miracles Now has such practices as “How to stop being so damn negative” or “I choose peace instead of this” and “How to release romantic illusions before a date.” (You know, just in case.)

Further proof of the modern spiritual maven’s savvy, all of 108 practices, after being explained in full, are condensed into 140-character-or-less Tweets.

Bernstein got the idea for each tool from practices that she’s collected from her own self-reflective spiritual journey—which, by the way, was not the walk in the park her sunny outlook might suggest (but you’ll have to read Spirit Junkie for that story). As as result, they read personally and wittily as advice from a friend, not directives from on high.

So, with this book of Bernstein’s in particular, you don’t have to be a spiritual seeker to benefit. Just a regular stressed-out person looking for a little divine intervention. —Jamie McKillop and Melisse Gelula

For more information, visit www.gabbyb.tv or check out Miracles Now

Or check out this exclusive video from Gabby on how to prevent a freak out


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