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My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Marissa Lippert

Marissa Lippert
(Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz)

When Marissa Lippert opened her West Village cafe, Nourish Kitchen + Table, last month, she did so without the usual chef or restauranteur credentials.

Instead, Lippert’s a nutritionist, which means that every smoothie, salad, and steak on the menu is created with healthfulness in mind.

But that doesn’t mean flavor takes a back seat.

“It’s about amazing, delicious food that just happens to be healthy,” she says. Think seasonal breakfast tarts and quiches, Greenmarket-sourced salads, and organic roast chicken—all served in a tiny, homey space that feels like the set of a West Elm catalog photo shoot.

We asked Lippert to give us a tiny taste of Nourish, with her take on an energizing green juice meant to kickstart your day. Blend it at home or swing by and pick one up on your way to the office (or to a class at the Greenwich Avenue Equinox, which is right next door). —Lisa Elaine Held

green juice
(Photo Credit: Paul Wagtouicz)

Nourish Kitchen + Table’s Morning Green

1 cup baby spinach leaves
2–3 celery stalks
2–3 medium to large pieces of pineapple
1 whole small ruby red grapefruit, or 1/2 large
5–6 mint leaves
1/2–1 teaspoon minced jalapeno (depending on desired spiciness)

Blend everything in a Vitamix or put through a juicer.  Serve over ice.

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