Nimble Fitness to open a functional fitness studio on St. Mark’s

TRX training at Nimble's Union Square gym. (Photo: Nimble Fitness)
Nimble Fitness
TRX training at Nimble’s Union Square gym. (Photo: Nimble Fitness)

If you want to get a tattoo or play vintage video games after your sweat session, no problem.

Union Square’s Nimble Fitness just revealed it will open a second New York City location, directly above Barcade, on the stretch of St. Mark’s in the East Village packed with tattoo parlors and piercing shops (and Yoga to the People, of course).

Set to open in February 2015, the new gym will be slightly bigger than the original and will house a functional fitness structure called “The Octagon,” which has multiple stations on it, including monkey bars, pull-up locations, pro-style squat racks, battle ropes, and a kickboxing bag.

“It’s a new piece of equipment—only one other facility in the United States has it,” says Keith Paine, co-owner with Daniel Lucas and new partner Jason Pulido. “Of course, we’ll also have our dedicated TRX set-up, and we’re putting in a turf strip for sprints, sled work, and all of that fun stuff.” Good times.

The gym will focus on personal training but will offer very small group classes (that max out at six participants), like Nimble Conditioning, Nimble Power, and Nimble TRX. Just maybe wait for your endorphins to calm down before deciding on that next tattoo.

Nimble Fitness, 6 St. Mark’s Place, at Third Ave., East Village,

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