Now you can do yoga with Tara Stiles in your hotel room

The "rebel yogi" has partnered with W Hotels for an in-room yoga video and retreats to far-flung destinations.
Tara Stiles, W Hotels, Yoga
Tara Stiles, promoting her new yoga video at W Hotels by posing in a glass-encased truck. (Photo: BMF Media)

What’s the perfect cure for jet lag? Doing a headstand alongside Tara Stiles in your hotel room, of course.

Stiles, known for her Sanskrit-free sequences at Strala Yoga in New York City, just partnered with W Hotels for a 12-minute, in-room yoga video that’s free in all 45 of the W properties around the world.

W Hotels, Yoga
A Strala yogi posing at one of the W hotels in New York City. (Photo: BMF Media)

The format is designed with the traveler in mind: There are four mini workouts, each with poses geared towards curing travel woes like stiffness and jet lag, helping you recover from too many client drinks the night before, and giving you an energy boost.

“I love the morning detox idea. If you wake up and do a little movement, whether you’re hungover or not, it will get you feeling good. I’ve been doing that for years in my own bed,” says Stiles.

Proving the theory that hotels have been recently obsessed with wellness, the hip brand says they approached Stiles about the idea. “Her no-rules philosophy is in line with W Hotels,” says Sarah Doyle, director of global brand management for W Hotels, which announced the partnership in a pretty attention-grabbing way. For the launch, the “rebel yogi” practiced poses in a glass box attached to a truck, and was driven around New York City.

If watching Stiles on your hotel TV doesn’t fix you right up—or give you the hour-long Strala class experience you crave, you can sign up for a yoga retreat at one of the W Hotels in Verbier, the Maldives, Vieques, or Bali where Stiles will break the fourth (or glass) wall and personally help you pigeon your way out of feeling groggy. —Molly Gallagher

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