Now you can work out and play video games at the same time

Need something more sufficiently distracting than your Top 40 playlist to get through your cardio? Goji Play could be your perfect workout buddy.
(Photo: Goji Play)

A rocking playlist is the most reliable—and acceptable—form of fitness distraction. (Hey, if “Eye of the Tiger” gets you through sprints…) But now video games are looking to capture your attention on the treadmill.

Blue Goji, co-created by the founders of Guitar Hero, solved this non-problem problem with their latest fitness gadget, the Goji Play, that they’re hoping will woo you.

By syncing with your tablet or smartphone, Goji Play allows you to play video games on the Goji Play app using mountable gaming controllers (see photo above). There’s also an activity sensor that attaches to your shoes to measure metrics.

One gray rainy Saturday morning, I tested out the Goji Play in my building’s gym. To use it on the treadmill, the controllers wrap around hand-held batons. (So, yes, I kind of prayed that no one else would be in there to see me with them.)

(Photo: Goji Play)

As someone not super acquainted with playing video games on my phone (I was more of a Nintendo girl), I picked the first game, “Kreature Krunch.” As the treadmill started beneath me, so did the game. But I quickly realized I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing with the pink one-eyed monsters that hopped across the screen. Chase them? Were they going to chase me? Or was I a pink monster? Would one of the sports-themed games on the app be better?

BlueGoji’s marketing testimonies say that it can make your 30 minute workout feel like five, and I’d already started thinking about my playlist (and falling off the treadmill). So I gave it another go, but then ditched the device a few more minutes into my workout. There are a multitude of games on the Goji Play app designed to take your mind off of the treadmill (or elliptical, or stair master), but I didn’t think I was going to find the one for me.

Though I could see how the app might be a find for fitness multi-taskers (and dudes who love their video games), Goji Play would definitely be a better workout buddy for someone who likes a solid (pink one-eyed-monster) distraction to get through their cardio. I’m more of a Top 40 girl. —Jamie McKillop

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