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By Briana Rognlin for

Many runners were devastated by the cancellation of the New York City Marathon last week, but they didn’t let it stop them from finding creative ways to fit in a long run–and a lot of effort towards Hurricane Sandy relief. From runners who registered at the last minute to run in other races for charity, to runners who organized volunteer squads when they would have been running the race, they gave runners a good name–even despite the outrage previously been aimed their way.

Late last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and race organizers were still planning to hold the marathon as planned, hoping that it would bring people together and act as a symbol of the city’s resilience. They even set up media tents (powered by highly controversial generators), put up a race expo, and prepped for the traditional pre-race Spaghetti dinner in Central Park. But New Yorkers–particularly those who suffered the worst flooding and power outages in Staten Island (where the race begins), weren’t enthused about the use of city resources to put on a sporting event while thousands still suffered without electricity, heat, or even homes.

Under growing pressure to cancel, Bloomberg called off the ING NYC Marathon late Friday–but it didn’t stop runners from hitting the streets over the weekend.

Keep reading to find out how runners helped those in need…

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