Take a one-minute gratitude break with Gabrielle Bernstein

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Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein
Photo: Gabrielle Bernstein

Welcome to the launch of Wellness Council, our handpicked holistic health squad: a tightly curated group that gives the best advice this side of your own personal guru. 

In her debut article, self-help phenom and best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein brings a bit of her trademark magic to your day, in a one-minute blast. What she writes about next is up to you—tell us what what you’re dying to know! Send questions and ideas to [email protected].

When life is hectic, we tend to focus on lack: what we don’t have, what isn’t working, and so on. No surprise that this mindset leads to stress! Whenever I’m in this place I turn to some great advice from my friend Terri Cole, a psychotherapist and life coach. Her fix is the one‐minute gratitude break.

A great tool that Terri suggests is the one‐minute gratitude break. Keep gorgeous nature shots, pictures of people you love and images that inspire you on your phone or computer screen. [Editor’s note: Scroll down for a quick fix!] Whenever you get slammed with stress, anxiety or fear, spend a solid 60 seconds looking at the pictures and conjuring the feeling of gratitude and joy in the center of your chest.

Inhale for a slow count of five and exhale for a slow count of five. Come back to the present moment and feel gratitude for all that is right in your life right now.

This exercise works every time. When we focus on negative thoughts, we lower our energy and block our capacity to be happy, healthy and vital. But when we focus on the good stuff, we boost our energy. Redirecting your attention to something soothing and joyful helps you remember all you do have rather than what you think you don’t.

Use this tool anywhere, anytime. You might even keep a photo or image you love tucked in your wallet so you can bust it out whenever your thoughts start spiraling.

The more you practice this, the more empowered you will feel. Our ability to change our minds is one of our greatest tools for achieving peace.

Matthew Wiebe/Unsplash
Matthew Wiebe/Unsplash

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Olivier Guillard/Unsplash

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Fritz Bielmeier/Unsplash

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Annette Beetge/Unsplash

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Fre Sonneveld/Unsplash

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Ryan Hutton/Unsplash

Matthew Wiebe/Unsplash
Matthew Wiebe/Unsplash

Gabrielle Bernstein is the best-selling author of Miracles Now, May Cause Miracles, Add More ~ing to Your Life and Spirit Junkie. Gabrielle is also the founder of HerFuture.com, a social networking site for women to inspire, empower, and connect.

What should Gabby write about next? Send your questions and suggestions to [email protected].

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