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Organic Avenue debuts the first ever juice concierge service

Organic Avenue

The many juice cleanses on the market already offer varying levels of support, but Organic Avenue is taking cleanse assistance to a new level.

The rapidly expanding juice and raw food boutique brand just announced the launch of a “Cleanse Concierge Service” that will be available on select days at its Midtown East, Chelsea, and Upper West Side stores.

Two cleanse concierges (with varying nutrition certifications), Ellie Scully and Reese Blaisdell, will be available during certain hours to “assess your goals, nutritional preferences, and dietary restrictions to design an inspiring cleanse experience,” according to the company.

It’s a great idea for those with cleanse apprehension or a slew of questions. As in, you could ask if it’s okay to work out before you start your cleanse, instead of frantically calling the helpline five minutes before your 7:00 a.m. boot camp.