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Organic Avenue Space of Love on Suffolk StreetAt 4,000 square feet, Organic Avenue’s new multi-story Space of Love on Suffolk isn’t just the company’s new HQ for its juices and cleansing programs. It’s a lifestyle space. And tomorrow marks the kind of events I guess we’ll expect to see: Goddesses Gather: Nourishing The Sacred. (Maybe it’s like green juice for your soul?)

This event features a personalized Kabbalistic blueprint (kind of like astrology) with Anastasia Williams, a healing arts teacher who uses her background in yoga and various spiritual studies to promote “kindness and care toward the self, while cultivating an acceptance and love for the beauty of who we are now.”

In case your beauty needs a bit more boosting, also provided is inspiration from and consultations with Rose-Marie Swift, founder of (the pretty awesome) organic makeup line, RMS Beauty, who’s also offering 30 percent off her products during the event. Rounding it our are a handful of spiritually enriching activities that we may or may not fully comprehend without having tried them.

Let us know if you do.

Organic Avenue, 116 Suffolk Street; Sunday, April 25 from 3pm – 6pm, $55,

Note: You have to call to register 212-334-4593 and provide Anastasia with your full name, date of birth and place of birth for your Kabbalistic blueprint.