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Popular downtown studio Yoga Vida launches online classes

Yoga Vida
(Photo: Yoganonymous)

Yoga Vida, the go-to yoga studio for young, downtown New Yorkers, is making its fun, no-fuss style accessible to an even bigger audience with the launch of an entire library of online yoga classes on YogaVibes.

“We did it because our students live busy lives and they missed us—or one of their teachers. They moved, work too much, or are averse to New York City winters,” explains YogaVida owner Mike Patton.

Kat Fowler_yoga
(Photo: Kat Fowler)

The collection includes close to 70 videos, with different themes addressed in each class, from Calming Flow and Immunity Defense Flow to Yoga for Surfers and Yoga for Tight Asses. (Endless, painful chair pose?)

“Our videos—like our in-studio classes—are accessible, light-hearted, and challenging. Our teachers each have their own unique way to keep it fun and connect to their audience,” Patton says.

Studio regulars will no doubt tap the resource (which is available with a $20 monthly subscription to YogaVibes), so they can practice with popular instructors—like Heather Lilleston, Kat Fowler, and Kyle Miller—when they’re visiting family over the holidays or trapped inside on snow days. But the city studio’s online classes will of course reach new (even rural!) yogis, too.

“The intention is to help our students develop and maintain a regular practice, and we know a familiar face goes a long way,” Patton says. “If we happen to reach a few more people around the country, sweet!” —Lisa Elaine Held

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