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Photo: Magdalena Kernan 

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where pro surfer Frankie Harrer and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome.

Frankie Harrer
Pro-surfer and member of team Billabong

I usually wake up at 7 a.m., check Instagram and then check for the wave report. Then, depending on where there are waves, I go surf for a couple hours. I either go to Zuma, just down the street from our house in Malibu—or Point Dume. If the waves are better at a beach further away, I’ll drive up to Ventura.

After surfing, I train, or do a workout. During the summer, I go over to Laird Hamilton’s house and do some underwater weight training in the pool and I do a lot of recovery there, too—sitting in the sauna, sitting in the ice bath. It’s really good for blood flow and circulation and it helps when you’re sore. The rest of the year I also do a lot of balancing exercises and circuit training.

For breakfast, I usually drink a smoothie. I mix goat’s milk or Greek yogurt with berries—goji berries and raspberries. I used to be a vegan. I felt great for a while, but recently I started eating a little dairy and meat and eggs again. I just needed more protein. The amount of training I’m doing isn’t conducive to being vegan. I love to cook and still try to do as much raw cooking with local vegetables as I can. And I drink a ton of water every day—not to mention, Mylkman Coconut Water. It’s the best stuff there is. I have it delivered to my house in Malibu.

As for vitamins, I never really took them until recently. When I stopped being vegan I took a blood test to see what vitamin deficiencies I had and I started taking multi-mineral vitamin and fish oil every day. I think it really makes a difference for my energy levels and my skin, too.

I traveled a lot this year to surf—Nicaragua with Team USA, Cabo, Tahiti. For the winter this year, I’ll be in Oahu on the North Shore with Billabong. They rent a house for all the Billabong girls, and we just surf, cook, and run around in Billabong. It’s really fun!

Another (non-surfing) way to have a chill morning? Keep a “rage journal” at night, or make time to lay on the floor for a while (really!).