Refrigerator Look Book: Julie Wilcox

Julie Wilcox is a wellness entrepreneur—she opened ISHTA yoga with Alan Finger and founded her own yoga-fitness-food philosophy. Here's what's in her fridge.

healthy woman farmer's market berries Julie Wilcox is a former gymnast and a well-known yogipreneur (that’s yogi entrepreneur for short).

In 2008, she partnered with Alan Finger to open the first ISHTA yoga studio in New York. She went on to create the Julie Wilcox Method, which combines her focus on yoga, fitness, and food into one holistic philosophy.

At Chez Wilcox, that means the fridge is likely to be loaded with veggies, including her new love (and discovery of) mixed baby kale, and the freezer’s loaded with fruit for daily acai smoothies.

Here’s what else she keeps in her New York fridge.

What are all of those greens on the middle shelf? I totally knew this question was coming! The left upper is romaine—that’s primarily for my five-year-old daughter. It’s the only lettuce that she’ll eat, so I always have it for her. The breads, the yogurt, and the cream cheese are hers, too.

On the upper right is baby spinach, which I like to saute with garlic, and the bottom left is arugula, which is one of my favorites for salads. The bottom right is a new thing I discovered because I went to a Whole Foods I don’t normally go to—it’s baby mixed kale! Wow! I hadn’t seen that before. And I eat a lot of kale.

Julie Wilcox You also have a ton of zucchini and yellow squash. Are those favorite veggies? Green zucchini is probably my favorite vegetable. It’s a staple I always get at the beginning of the week. I grabbed the yellow squash because I just wanted to add some color. It looked so pretty in the store!

Other than veggies, you’re fridge isn’t too full. Do you cook? Well, my fridge is pretty sparse, because I really only like fresh stuff. And all of this is more dinner oriented—it only shows what I eat for one meal a day. You should see inside my freezer and cabinets.

What would we find? In the freezer I have frozen raspberries, blueberries, strawberries. I make an acai smoothie with all of those, half of a banana, and acai juice. On top of that I’ll put some homemade granola, which I keep in my cabinet. That’s what I have every day for breakfast.

On weekends, I make healthy vegetarian soups, which I’ll eat for lunch, and keep it in the freezer. You can see I have English green peas and parsnips on the bottom shelf—those were for a pea and parsnip soup.

What else is on the bottom shelf? Mushrooms! They’re another staple. They go really well with salads or main dishes and in rice or grain bowls with vegetables, and proteins like tempeh or tofu. There’s also a bag of kale for kale chips, and white asparagus, which is just coming into season.

You say your method is the coming together of fitness, yoga, and food? Do the fitness and yoga aspects influence what you eat? Definitely. I don’t eat a lot for breakfast and lunch, but it’s not because I’m a weight-obsessed person. I don’t believe in extreme dieting at all. I just find that I can’t eat a lot during the day with the amount of physical exercise I have going on. My own exercise plus the teaching of yoga to my clients is physically demanding. By the afternoon, I’m refueling. —Lisa Elaine Held

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