Refrigerator Look Book: Scott Harig

Harig teaches a whole lot of hot yoga as a Pure Yoga star instructor So he spends a lot of time hydrating with water, iced green tea...and beer.

scott-harig-side-crowIt’s not for nothing that come snow, sleet, rain, or 100-plus degree temperatures, Scott Harig’s classes at Pure Yoga are near-guaranteed to be full.

The former competitive cyclist’s cool and calm demeanor—coupled with a challenging class—make him a go-to for men and women alike.

We took a look at Harig’s fridge to find out what keeps him fueled throughout the day, but we learned a lot more about how he keeps hydrated, and why he’s obsessed with green iced tea, Americanos, and beer…

I see a giant container of filtered water, which makes sense. Given the number of hot yoga classes you teach, you must drink a ton. How much on a typical day? I drink soooo much water. Probably 4–6 liters per day. I also drink water during the night. I find it helpful to add a few electrolyte packets to my water as well, especially in the summer. I love the Spicy Lemonade from Juice Generation, as well.

What’s your take on coconut milk, which you’ve got stocked? No take. I’m not a big drinker of coconut milk. My girlfriend uses it for her coffee, so I do as well.

scott harig refrigeratorI see hempseeds. What do you do with those? When I do a shake in the morning, I throw hemp seeds in there for a bit of protein.

You didn’t hide the beer bottles, so what’s your stance on alcohol? Do you find that it interferes with your practice or is it fine in moderation? I drink beer and it doesn’t interfere with my practice at all.

What’s in those containers? Do you cook a lot? I do not cook, I grill. My girlfriend cooks. Those are leftovers, a veggie stew and some turkey tenderloins.

Aside from the turkey, there’s not too much protein. Do you follow a mostly vegetarian diet? What do you do for protein? I’m not a vegetarian at all. I eat meat for lunch and dinner every day. We eat a lot of veggies, as well. I love all kinds of meat—turkey, pork, chicken, steak, burgers…

What’s the deal with the candy in the corner? A guilty pleasure? That was a gift from a student. My guilty pleasure is carrot cake and bomboloni (filled donuts) and of course my beer. My motto is everything in moderation.

What’s a good pre- and post-yoga snack? Pre-yoga in the morning, I’ll do toast with nut butter and banana. I’m not a big snacker during the day. I tend to eat three well-balanced meals per day.

Okay, then, food-wise, what could you not go a day without? Beer, grande iced Americano, and unsweetened iced green tea with a splash of lemonade with extra ice. If you go to the Starbucks at 77th and Columbus or 84th and Third and ask for “Scott’s green tea,” that is what you will receive. Sharon Feiereisen

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