S.H.E. Summit Week hits New York, promoting powerful, healthy women

Women's empowerment guru Claudia Chan is hosting a summit of women-led events next week—and some of New York's hottest wellness brands are on board.
Claudia Chan
Claudia Chan promotes women's empowerment...and wellness, pictured here with Elena Brower of Virayoga

Next week is S.H.E. Summit Week in New York, which includes 35 women-led events—on topics like entrepreneurship, networking, and wellness—just for the city’s female population.

The focus on wellness sets this week apart from other professional networking conferences for women.

That’s a deliberate decision of event founder and women’s empowerment guru Claudia Chan, who recognized that the most powerful women are also, often, the healthiest.

“I believe that taking good care of our bodies is about much more than staying in shape; it’s about giving ourselves the strength we need to pursue goals in every part of life,” says Chan.

So, she invited some bad-ass women’s wellness brands to participate in the week. Attendees can take fitness classes at Uplift Studios or do yoga at Elena Brower’s studio Virayoga. They’ll also go home with free passes for Physique 57 classes.

Chan says these brands embody the S.H.E Summit Week ethos—”finding balance between work, life, and other pursuits can help women find the strength they need to dream big and do big things.”

S.H.E. Summit Week, June 18–24, Various locations throughout NYC, $79, www.shesummit.claudiachan.com

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