The 3 wellness tricks that you can do anywhere, according to Shay Mitchell

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Photo: Instagram/@shaym
Shay Mitchell knows a thing or two about balancing a busy life with a healthy life.

As one of the stars of the uber-popular (and, yes I’ll admit it, totally addictive) series Pretty Little Liars, Mitchell is constantly either working, traveling, or—most likely—doing both.

But with the seventh (and final!) season of the hit show premiering on June 21, the actress is looking forward to a summer of relaxation and healthy travel.

“The Canadian in me is itching to go camping somewhere—just for a couple of nights, let’s not get crazy—but I love the outdoors and sleeping under the stars,” she says. “I would also love to visit somewhere I’ve never been, like Croatia, Greece, or Turkey.”

No matter where she goes—or what she’s doing—Mitchell has figured out the key to staying healthy and happy. And unlike the final season plot of PLL, she’s actually spilling the details.

These are the three wellness tricks that Shay Mitchell swears by—no matter where she is or what she’s doing. Ready to make a habit out of them, too?

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Photo: Instagram/@shaym

1. Fit in a morning meditation

“If I have time before I have to go to work, I do like to squeeze in 15-20 minutes of meditation. I have an audiobook that I like to follow along with, or I’ll listen to Wayne Dyer‘s meditation CD—it always just sets the day right. And I also love to journal if I have time, especially in the morning. I like to set some goals, even if they’re small or short-term goals.”

Photo: Photo: Instagram/@shaym

2. Stay hydrated

“It’s always so important to remember to stay hydrated—especially when you’re traveling. My little trick for reminding myself to drink water is to always wear rings. I always play with them, sliding them around, but my fingers swell so much if I’m dehydrated! So whenever my rings start to feel tight—or even worse, can’t come off—it’s like a red flag to drink more water.”


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3. Find a workout you love—especially one that travels well

“When I’m home, I am so obsessed with boxing. I’ve been doing Muay Thai, a little bit of MMA—it’s just very therapeutic for me, because you really can’t think about anything else in that moment so your mind is just totally focused on hitting and trying not to get hit. When I’m traveling I bring a jump rope with me; you can truly do that anywhere. It’s so important to get just a little bit of cardio in every day.”

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