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Starbucks taps the juice craze with Evolution Fresh, its first juice bar

Evolution Fresh
Some of Evolution Fresh's bottled juices

We warned you about the Kale-uccino a few months ago. Well, it’s finally arrived.

According to GrubStreet, Starbucks opened its first juice bar, Evolution Fresh, today in Bellevue, Washington.

Baristas have given way to “juice partners,” who mix cold-pressed elixirs by pouring them to order from eight taps,” reported GrubStreet. Its juices are then mixed to order.

While the combinations sound really good—Field of Greens: greens, ginger, apple, and cucumber; Coconut Zen: coconut water, pineapple, and cucumber—they’re not made from all-organic produce.

Bottled juices will also be for sale at grocery stores (they’re already in a few on the West Coast) and eventually your local Starbucks.

starbucks juice
Have they ever heard of Spell Check?

While it’s great to see healthy cold-pressed juices catching on, we’re skeptical of Starbucks’ investment in quality juice because of their big-box approach and because they apparently can’t spell the word vegetable.

(See “vegatable” in photo to the left.)

We’re just saying—it’s kind of an important word in this business.

What do you think? Would you get your green juice at Starbucks?