How to keep your sense of adventure (while spending a lot of time at your desk)

Stephanie Gilmore RunSUPYoga

If anyone understands the art of adventure, it’s pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

Just check out the six-time world champion’s Instagram: One day she’s cruising the streets of Cuba, a few weeks later she’s cliff-diving off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and she regularly pops up with her besties for #squadgoals.

In other words, this 27-year-old Aussie is making fitness and adventure a priority. Who better to show you how to keep the faith during those fall days when you’re back at your desk, catching up on everything you put off for summer Fridays (or is that just me)?   

One way to keep your summer pace, sign up for something. That’s what Gilmore did last weekend, leading 1,000 women through the California event called #RunSUPYoga, a “triathlon” with a 5K, a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) race, and a beach yoga class.

Intrigued? We were. So we asked Gilmore how she stays fit, eats clean, and has fun while she’s doing it—even when she’s logging more air miles for business than pleasure. Something we all need to remember in September… —Erin Magner

How do you fit workouts into your most hectic days?

As a professional athlete, everyone thinks I’m in the gym all day long, but I’m really not. My advice: Every day when you wake up, go for a walk. Maybe ride your bike to work. Even just put on music—I could see the difference [at #RunSUPYoga] when everyone was down on the beach and just grooving [to the DJ] in between events. Those little moments when you’re moving your body are the things that make a big difference.

Stephanie Gilmore surfing Roxy

Do you bring a crazy amount of clean food with you when you travel? Are you bringing your own snacks to the airport?

I do eat really healthy. But if I don’t have anything with me, have you seen those little baby foods that come in sachets? You can get greens, or peas mixed with a pear. Taking those with you on a plane is perfect because they’re under the [3-ounce limit] and they’re so easy.

And what about skin care and beauty when life gets busy?

The sun is my favorite thing, but also the most evil thing ever. It’s about hydrating yourself from the inside out—drink lots of water!—and I use a sunscreen called Shade which is based up in Malibu. I think it’s probably one of the best sunscreens I’ve ever used. It doesn’t clog your pores, and that’s something I find is hard for my skin.

You also need to make sure you’re letting your skin breathe, so at nighttime I don’t really use anything. I maybe put a little bit of moisturizer around my eyes, let it chill, and then go back to my sunscreen the next day.

How else do you stay balanced on the road?

I play the guitar, so if I have enough hands [to carry it and her board and her bags], I’ll take a guitar with me to chill out.

Stephanie Gilmore surfing Roxy

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(Photos: Roxy. Top photo: Stephanie Gilmore, center, among attendees at the #RunSUPYoga event in Huntington Beach, CA)

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