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A shop dedicated to the trendy green tea variety just opened on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg. Who needs espresso, anyway?
(Photo: Facebook/MatchaBarNYC)

If you’ve been trying to kick your addiction to coffee, you may want to add a morning L train stop to your commute.

MatchaBar—New York City’s first café dedicated to the trendy green tea variety matcha—just opened on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg.

In case you haven’t whisked up your own or ordered it in latte form yet, the tea is super popular among healthy types, for its high antioxidant content and power to impart a non-jittery, long-lasting caffeine boost.

MatchaBar founders (and brothers) Max and Graham Fortgang discovered those qualities when they started making it in their East Village apartment. “We fell in love with the way matcha made us feel,” Graham says. “Max and I haven’t had a coffee in over a year. We see matcha as the future.”

Now, at MatchaBar in Brooklyn, they’re serving up both plain tea and lattes made with your choice of almond, hemp, soy, or dairy milk (with creative options like the Lemon Ginger Matcha Latte and HoneyDew Mint Matcha) plus food from Court Street farm-to-table restaurant Watty & Meg. And all beverages are made with high-quality matcha sourced directly from farms in Japan.

“Our partner Eli likes to say matcha ‘fuels the New York hustle,'” Graham adds. “Our proudest moments are what we call ‘converts’—when we get someone who drinks coffee to jump on the matcha train. We believe drinking matcha every day leads to a positive mind set, productive day, and healthier you.” Looks like Brooklyn’s booming health and fitness scene now has a café to call home, too. —Lisa Elaine Held

MatchaBar, 93 Wythe Ave., at N. 10th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn,