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Crunch Gym
B-Method at Crunch (Photo: Crunch)

Over the last 20 years, Terri Walsh has been building a stellar reputation whipping A-listers into shape with classes and personal training at her small studio space in a Chinatown walk-up.

Now, she’s bringing her expertise to regular gym-goers with a new class, B-Method, which just launched at Crunch. (Fun fact: Walsh was Crunch’s first creative director of programming back in the day, so the class is partially a return to her roots.) Crunch debuted the class at its West 19th Street location in Manhattan, where it’s currently taught by Walsh, and it will roll it out at additional New York clubs and at select Miami and San Francisco locations this fall.

B-Method takes the principles of Walsh’s A.R.T. (Active Resistance Training) Method and applies them to an hour-long workout done with just a yoga mat and two blocks. It starts with what she calls a technique study, where you learn how to engage the four active resistance points—feet, navel, ribs, shoulders—no matter which exercise you’re doing.

Terri Walsh
A-list trainer Terri Walsh (Photo: ART Studio NYC/Terri Walsh)

Then, you launch into standing exercises like lunges and squats and mat work like planks, push-ups, and leg lifts, using the blocks in various ways, like under one knee for leg lifts or between your knees while you squat. “The blocks make the exercises accessible for those with limitations and also can ramp up the intensity for those who are more advanced,” Walsh says. It’s just about how you use them. (She’ll remind you and give lots of feedback.)

It’s a take-care-of-your-body kind of session that she says helps her clients work harder (and more efficiently in) the high intensity workouts that are increasingly popular. So while you’ll get sweaty, it feels more like slow, hard work than the typical distractingly entertaining and fast-paced group fitness class.

But it’s work your body probably really needs, especially if you’re constantly pushing it to muscle-exhausting limits and are hunching over a computer all day. Which speaks to Walsh’s core philosophy of “fitness as a practice” that will keep your body functioning at high levels as you age. Oh, did I mention she’s 51 and looks about 35? Just sayin’. —Lisa Elaine Held

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