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The Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler: You vs. Prospect Park’s big hill

Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler
Runners in last year's Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler

Next week, New Yorkers will commemorate one of the Revolutionary War’s largest battles, fought in Brooklyn, by waging their own war—with Prospect Park’s big hill.

In a new challenge called “Time Your Climb,” added to JackRabbit’s Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler this year, participants will not only receive their usual splits, but will also be clocked on how long it takes them to tackle the incline.

Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler
Last year's race: Commemorating the battle

At the end, the sprinter with the fastest time up the hill and the runner who scales it most consistently will each go home with a prize—a Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS Sports Watch (worth $199).

“Races are a battle in themselves, whether you are battling the other participants, the clock, or yourself,” said Molly Tafrate, JackRabbit Sports’ Outreach Coordinator. Or seriously uneven Brooklyn terrain.

Plus, you can always draw motivation from the courageous fight for independence American soldiers waged on the same path 235 years ago. Except, well, they lost.

“Even though we lost the battle, it was a major turning point in the war,” said Tafrate. Just remember to tell your legs that as they threaten to give out towards the top.

JackRabbit Battle of Brooklyn 10 Miler, August 21, 8:00 a.m., Prospect Park, Brooklyn, $25 in advance; $30 day of the race,