The ribbon cutting of Madonna’s new Hard Candy gym

Today in Mexico City, Madonna attended the ribbon-cutting of Hard Candy, the first gym in her new branded fitness empire, where there's no escaping the boss.
Madonna's Hard Candy gym
Modonna's presence looms large at her first Hard Candy gym

Madonna arrived in Mexico City today for the ribbon cutting of her new international gym brand, Hard Candy.

A sneak peek at Madge’s first location in the swank Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood of M.C., shows the walls are plastered with Andy Warhol-like images of the pop star; a mile of treadmills; and a yoga studio with an Iyengar rope wall. Check out the video of the Hard Candy gym here.

We keep asking ourselves, why did the singer roll out the gym in Mexico City and not in New York City, where she earned her famous (or infamous) biceps at boutique studios. “We could create the gym and do all the beginning work of creating this brand undetected and we could do it undercover,” Madonna tells “If we did it in New York or Los Angeles I don’t think we’d be able to work in secret. The other reason is I love Mexico.” (And yet another reason? Her investors said so.)

madonna hard candy fitness instructor
Madonna vogues as a fitness instructor at the opening

After the opening ceremony, Madonna stuck around to lead a dance class for “20 hand-picked members” (AKA professional dancers)—according to NY Daily News. Membership at the 30,ooo square-foot gym costs about 2,000 pesos a month (about $160), plus an initiation fee of $830, which includes the first two months. Cool factor is included.

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