Throwback Fitness to open a studio that reminds you of gym class

A workout concept that harken back to childhood games (only way harder, with rowing and resistance training, too) gets a permanent New York home this April.
Throwback Fitness classes at Titan Studios. (Photo: Throwback Fitness)
Throwback Fitness classes at Titan Studios. (Photo: Throwback Fitness)


Rowing-based workout brand Throwback Fitness will open its first dedicated studio in Manhattan this spring, and its look and feel may remind you of your 7th period PE class.

Over the past few months, founders (and total jocks) Brian Gallagher and Ryan Wilke have been offering classes and growing a following out of Chelsea’s Titan Fitness Studios, and they expect to kick off at the new studio, at 31st Street and Fifth Avenue, in mid-April.

Their workout concept pairs rowing with CrossFit-inspired resistance training and team drills that harken back to childhood games and sports. Hence, their use of the word throwback, and the reason “we’re trying to re-create the look and feel of a high school gym for our classes,” Gallagher says.

That may translate into floors that look like shiny wood, for example, and real basketball hoops for their popular ‘TBF Jam’ challenge, which until now has involved shooting tennis balls into garbage cans. (Tip: Don’t announce “I played basketball freshman year of high school!” before doing this. You will look like a moron after you miss every shot.)

The space sounds similar in layout to the recently-opened competitor CityRow in that it will be one large room with a small check-in area and shared bathrooms in the hall.

No showers for now, but don’t think the try-not-to-sweat approach you (or just I?) relied on during dodgeball will work here. The classes launch your body into fat-burning overdrive within minutes and keep you constantly challenged throughout. They’re also fun, which, depending on your high school experience, may or may not apply to your memories of gym class and crew team try-outs. —Lisa Elaine Held

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