Triathlons: 3 top training resources for newbies to the sport

Triathlons used to just be for mega-athletes. But as the sport grows in popularity, so do the resources for newbie runner-cyclist-swimmers. Here are three.
(Photo: Empire Tri Club)
Empire Tri Club breaks in newcomers to the sport


Triathlons used to just be for crazy, protein-pounding mega-athletes. But these days, they’re practically the new 10K.

And as the sport grows in popularity, so do the resources available for runner-cyclist-swimmers who are just starting out.

“This year, a big focus of ours is to introduce more newcomers to the sport,” says Jessica McDonald, the co-founder of Empire Tri Club, a training team for a younger generation of triathletes.

We found three awesome resources available this season for newbie triathletes of all stripes:

1. For the type-A independent athlete
If you like to do things your own way, the just-released Athleta Iron Girl Training Guide—a free PDF training plan that includes daily workout schedules, nutrition recommendations, a heart-rate training guide, and more—is probably right for you. You can download it or pick up a printed copy at one of the stores.

2. For the triathlete who needs hand-holding
Empire Tri Club’s beginner program ($250) is like the all-inclusive resort of triathlon training. Its 12-week plan provides weekly coached group workouts, informational clinics, swim camp, race-day support, and even fitness apparel swag! All you have to do is show up and act motivated. Training starts March 26th.

3. For the team player
If doing things on your own seems like a drag, join Team in Training, where your triathlon prep will be paired with post-workout drinks and encouragement from fellow team members. This one requires a serious commitment though: in addition to your heart rate, you’ll have to raise a chunk of cash for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

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