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Former Gotham Gym trainer Stephen Cheuk just opened his own space, S10 Training, in Tribeca—where high-design meets hard work.
The front desk and track (Photo: S10 Training)
The front desk and track (Photo Credit: Nai Vasha for S10 Training)


Former Gotham Gym trainer Stephen Cheuk just opened his own space, S10 Training, in Tribeca. And the chic, high-design downtown workout destination is drawing both Soho fashion execs and endurance athletes.

Cheuk hired interior designer Samuel Amoia to outfit the space, and Amoia customized every detail beneath the high ceilings and between the white-washed brick walls.

Changing rooms are hidden inside a mirror-paneled cube (go ahead, try to find the door), local artwork hangs behind the custom-built front desk. Even the dumbbells are etched with the S10 logo. The exercise equipment is set up for functional circuit training, with a 60-foot black astrofturf track along one wall for sled pushing and rope pulling.

Weight lifting stations and the mirror-paneled cube hiding changing rooms (Photo: S10 Training)
Weight lifting stations and the mirror-paneled cube hiding changing rooms (Photo Credit: Nai Vasha for S10 Training)


Australian-born Cheuk, who trained clients at The Printing House, Equinox, and then Gotham Gym, says he brought many of his fashion-world and creative clients with him when he moved downtown, like the Alexander Wang design team. But he also partnered with ultra-marathoner Robin Arzon to create a strength and conditioning program called Run Strong, which has been attracting marathoners and triathletes.

And while his specialty is personal training, he’s also offering semi-privates and small group classes. Although mine felt more like a personal training session with a support group, anyway, since the class was so small and his style leans more towards gentle, focused guidance than drill sergeant or performer.

Customized weights (Photo: S10 Training)
Customized weights (Photo Credit: Nai Vasha for S10 Training)


So what sets Cheuk apart on the scene, other than his hunky Aussie accent and biceps? “We specialize in body composition,” he says. That means he’ll squeeze your fat folds to measure them and track your progress meticulously, from paying attention to your movement patterns and advising you to eat organic to asking if you’re avoiding plastics that may be leaching fat-storing chemicals into your bloodstream.

He really doesn’t mess around, and after working out with him, you won’t want to either. —Lisa Elaine Held

S10 Training, 87 Walker St., at Lafayette, Tribeca,