Uplift Studios gives its class offerings a makeover

The hot, women's-only workout studio consolidates its offerings to focus on just two very awesome new classes.


A little less than a year after opening, women’s-only workout spot Uplift Studios is revamping its classes to showcase its strengths.

The Flatiron studio, which used offer a varied list of classes from 30-minute express ab workouts to boxing-yoga combos, will now feature just two: Uplifting-Cardio and Uplifting-Strength.

And they brought in former Flywheel-Barry’s Bootcamp star Stephanie Nieman—who adds a new level of boutique fitness pizazz—to help.

“We thought about the two basic things we do and what we want to share with women, and that’s a combination of intense cardio and strength. We wanted to hone in on those and make it easy for people to register what we’re all about,” says co-owner Leanne Shear.

Strength, designed by Uplift’s smart head-instructor Michelle Mason, involves strength training using dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight, plus Tabata-style cardio intervals. Mason’s a tough trainer, and after a recent preview class, participants emerged drenched and gasping for breath.

Cardio, designed by Nieman, is one of the most unique classes I’ve tried in a long time. Nieman takes the rhythmic, motivational aspect of spinning, adds high-intensity cardio intervals, and tops if off with athletic arm sequences you might have seen in a barre class. So you’ll hop and lunge to the beat, do an unmanageable number of burpees, and also pulse five-pound weights. All while Nieman circles the room, jumping, singing, and offering individual, in-your-face encouragement. It’s like Flybarre meets People’s Bootcamp meets SoulCycle.

And don’t be fooled: Uplift may have split the elements into two core elements, but whichever class you take, you’re going to get a lot of both (and maybe some wine afterwards). —Lisa Elaine Held

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