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AOL logoWe’re always dying to know how models like the Victoria’s Secret Angels keep their fit figures and dewy complexions, and we no longer have to wonder. We sat down with VS Angel Josephine Skriver to chat with her about all things wellness.

Check out our Q&A with the blond bombshell below:

How do you like to work out?

I love an active lifestyle, I always had that as a kid. I think what really works is when you find something that’s fun for you, because, you know, going to the gym every day, doing the same routine over and over again, definitely gets dragging at the end.

So for you, what kind of work out keeps things interesting?

For me, I found this great place called Dogpound. It’s kind of bootcamp style so one day it’s boxing, other days it’s weightlifting and then it’s only body weights so we always keep it up and its always different.
I also love things like biking. I love being one with nature, so a hike or a bike ride or anything that gets me out.

Do you pair your physical activity with any particular kind of diet?

I don’t really believe in diets. I think it’s all about keeping things healthy. I love protein, I’m a big meat eater, so anything that’s like, you know, whatever works for you, just keep it in moderation.

Do you have a weakness for any unhealthy foods like sweets?

Oh, I have a really big weakness for chocolate.

And what kinds of things do you snack on when you’re on the go?

I think nuts are very good, an easy one always to have in your bag. Fruit is good, too, but a little bit harder to carry around.

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