Well+Good’s fitness blogger event at Physique 57

We hosted our a battalion of our fave fitness bloggers from around the country at Physique 57 on Friday. Meet these awesome women and workout scribes!
Physique 57 and WellandGoodNYC.com bloggers event Last week, a battalion of the country’s top fitness bloggers were in New York City for BlogHer, the nation’s biggest network and conference for female bloggers.

Yes, we could have invited these fab-and-fit women out for drinks. But we figured these athletic writers would prefer a workout to cocktails. So we teamed up with Physique 57 for an exclusive fitness blogger class on Friday afternoon before they all hunkered down for a weekend of talks (hello Katie Couric) at the Hilton.

The barre class was taught by the one-and-only Tanya Becker, Physique’s co-founder (pictured here, pretty in pink). See the sculpting and toning moves she put us through and meet the bloggers, who, if you don’t know, you really should! Read more…


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Upon arrival, bloggers were greeted by Melisse Gelula (far left) co-founder of Well+Good, and Tanya Becker, co-founder of Physique 57 (hot pink tank). Everyone traded stories from the day at BlogHer while the studio handed out signature Physique 57 Grippy Socks to wear during class.



Melisse Gelula and Tanya Becker rev-up the bloggers preceding the workout for the fun to come.



Though the bloggers had perfect static lunge form, many hadn’t taken Physique before. Meghann Anderson of Meals and Miles (at left) wrote on her blog, “this was the hardest of all the barre method classes I’ve ever taken.” Gina Matsoukas of Running to the Kitchen (center) wrote “HOLY BURN” referring to the intensity, and Sabrina Garibian of Rhodey Girl Tests (right) wishes she had a Physique 57 in Philly. I guess you could say they liked it!



Becker made sure to adjust everyone’s poses throughout the class with her signature sense of humor. Somehow she makes your major thigh twitching seem perfectly normal and the burning sensation you feel at the barre just a little less painful.



Ashley Diamond of Healthy, Happier Bear (far left in turquoise), Lisa Elaine Held of Well+Good (second from left in coral), Melisse Gelula of Well+Good (second from right), and Caitlin Croswell of Cait Plus Ate (in the rad yellow-neon tank) take their triceps on a trip with eight-pound weights.



The road to killer arms is not an easy one to tread. Bloggers Jess Milcetich of Jess Runs (left), Kimberly Peiffer of the Glow Lisa (center) and Courtney Lee of Believe, Trust, Change (right) powering through the arm portion of the workout.



Physique 57 co-founder Tanya Becker demonstrates the key to toned glutes and thighs.



Gina Matsoukas and Cassandra “Cat” Tan of Breakfast To Bed are troopers; they’re still smiling even at the end of the class.



Delicious (and much needed!) post-workout snacks from Chobani’s new yogurt boutique in Soho.



Melisse Gelula (left), Ashley Diamond (center), and Lisa Elaine Held (right) showing off some post-workout smiles.



A group shot of the amazing bloggers who came to the event.



Exhale Santa Monica

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