What yoga studio has the city’s best teachers? (Sponsored)

From top left to bottom: Erica Mather, Mary Aranas, Raghunath, and Carlos Rodriguez

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We all make judgments based on appearance.

It’s almost impossible not to at Pure Yoga, where spa-like locker rooms and sumptuous lounges greet you before you even get to a studio.

But it turns out Pure’s beauty is more than amenity-deep. In fact, its roster of teachers is a veritable who’s who of New York City yoga instructors.

At the Upper East and West Side studios you can…

  • Get acrobatic with high-flyin’ inversionists Raghunath, Mary Aranas, and David Regelin
  • Add some Brazilian flair to your practice with Carlos Rodriguez’s Caponyasa, or surrender to Erica Mather’s radical healing instruction
  • Attempt to keep your eyes closed in Marco Rojas’ 90-minute class and challenge your endurance with Scott Harig’s uber-athletic asanas
  • Get ready for childbirth (or recover from it) with the perennially popular Mary Barnes


Whatever your practice—Anusara, Hot Power Yoga, Restorative, or Vinyasa—Pure Yoga puts you mat-to-mat with the city’s best instructor.

Stop giving your Metrocard a workout to practice with your favorite teachers; you can find them all at Pure. Oh, and the amenities aren’t bad either.

Join Pure Yoga in July and get the month of August FREE. Contact a membership advisor for details. 

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