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What you missed at our Figure 4 event (and a discount on the JouleBody cleanse)

Figure 4's Glutes section. Photo: Via the New York Times


Pure Yoga’s new barre class called Figure 4 has gained a steady following since its debut about two months ago. Last Wednesday night Well+Good readers filled Kate Albarelli’s class to see what all the fuss is about.

The verdict was uniformly positive, with several attendees taking to their blogs to share the experience. Mom at the Barre wrote “Kate paid a lot of attention to form, walking among us, making gentle corrections. She seems to have put a lot of thought into the sequence and choreography and this is evident when you take the class.”

From left: JouleBody's Yvette Rose, Melisse Gelula from W+G, Emily Parr from Equinox, and Alexia Brue from W+G

Fitness NYC wrote “I rarely love a class the first time, but this was an really challenging class with lots of variation, so I never got bored and never knew what was coming next.”

Happy Healthier Bear also grooved on the experience, sharing “I really can’t describe my love for this class! Her energy and music choices truly made the class, which led me to actually request her class playlist after the workout.”

After the ballet inspired class, everyone spilled into the lounge to sample JouleBody’s green juice with dandelion and fennel. Yvette Rose, JouleBody’s founder, was on hand to answer questions about her food-based cleanses.

JouleBody is offering a special discount for Well+Good readers: 35% off a five-day cleanse if you order by Wednesday, May 25; 20% off if you order by Sunday, May 29. The discount codes are below.

Tata Harper's Keri Waxer, along with a W+G reader who wins "Most Dedicated." She raced in staight from work and did Figure 4 in office attire!

Keri Waxer from Tata Harper was another special guest. Waxer, along with two aestheticians, gave mini-facials using the organic results-oriented products. The lounge at Pure has never smelled so good.

If you missed this event, we hope to see you at our next one which we’ll announce shortly.


**To order a cleanse, visit and choose the 5-day cleanse. At checkout use coupon code WellGood35 for 35% off if you’re booking by this Wednesday, or WellGood20 for 20% off if you’re booking by Sunday.