You won’t believe how New Yorkers are using UberRush

Why lug around a bag full of sweaty gym clothes all day or wait two hours for your green juice to arrive?
Gisele gym bag
Hey, Gisele, why are you carrying around that heavy gym bag and yoga mat when you can get someone else to do it for you? (Photo:

New Yorkers are always looking for new ways to deal with the issue of lugging a giant gym bag full of smelly, sweaty clothes from morning meetings all the way through to after-work dinner dates. (Hello, shoulder issues.)

Here’s a new one: Using Uber’s new messenger service to take their bag home for them.

Last April, the super popular car service app launched UberRush, which summons a bike or on-foot messenger instead of a cab. And since then, the company says it completed surveys to determine the kinds of tasks people were using it for.

In addition to the expected ones, like document and product pick-ups between businesses, they noticed a surprising number of people using it to fit healthy habits into their workday.

Take Francesca Gottardo, a 26-year-old marketing professional who lives in the Financial District and is a SoulCycle regular. “When I was at the West Village location, because it’s quite far from where I live, I used it [UberRush] to bring my clothes back home, so I wouldn’t have to lug them to dinner after,” she says. “It’s just helpful in terms of juggling being healthy but also being in New York and having to do so many things and being pulled in all different directions.”

And it’s not just gym bags. Another 25-year-old Manhattanite (who prefers to remain nameless) used UberRush to get food delivered from Juice Press, after calling for delivery and being told the wait time would be two hours. “I called and did the transaction over the phone—Uber can’t purchase anything for you—and they just picked it up for me,” she says. “I have a few friends who’ve used it for that too. At Hu Kitchen, I’ve heard.”

Uber says delivery prices start at $11. So you’ll have figure out a way to justify that $21 green juice or $45 spin class. And you thought boutique fitness prices were already out of control—Lisa Elaine Held

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