Your Chinese New Year to-do list

It’s the Year of the Rabbit, which means you can get ready for a year of tranquility and calm. (And possibly better sex.)

To usher it in is the familiar Chinese New Year tradition of feasting. We’ve got nothing against an annual gorge-fest at the Peking Duck House, but we figured there must be some wellness traditions to go along with the consuming of calories and the delivering of cash (in little red envelops).

Turns out, Chinese New Year, like January 1, is a time for starting anew. “It’s a time of cleaning up your act, both literally and metaphorically,” explains Judith Wendell, an expert in Feng shui and Chinese astrology. “You want to clear your karma and start fresh.”

But instead of resolving to lose ten pounds or spend less money on dinner out, Chinese traditions take a more realistic, practical approach to turning over a new leaf.

Here’s your Chinese New Year to-do list. And these six remarkably easy steps have nothing to do with giving up chocolate or handcuffing yourself to a treadmill.

1. Bring flowers and plants into your home. Plants and flowers add beauty and bring good fortune, according to Chinese tradition. Heck, why not try a window farm.

2. Clean house (get a jump start on spring cleaning). Don’t forget your medicine cabinet; personal care products can go bad, and some of them were never good for you to start with.

3. Get your hair cut. Skip the dye.

4. Wear new clothes (that means new lingerie too, preferably in red).

5. Mend relationships. Easier said than done, we know. Try one of the Handel Group’s mind-body life-coaching sessions that focus on moving forward rather than mucking around in the past.

6. Forget grudges. Ditto above.

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