Your Fitness Horoscope: July

Professional astrologer and indoor-cycling pro Darryl Gaines tells you what the planets have in store for your fitness life.


Darryl Gaines
Darryl Gaines, fitness pro and professional astrologer. (And, if you’re wondering, he’s a Cancer with a Leo moon and rising.)

What does your sign say about your fitness destiny?

Professional astrologer Darryl Gaines tells you what the planets have in store for your fitness life. And Gaines knows fitness in addition to the stars—he’s the super popular creator of TranscendCycle indoor cycling at Equinox and he currently rocks the saddle at Flywheel Sports.

What’s your fitness forecast for July? Check it out now!

Cancer (June 22–July 21)
With some of the best planetary energy and alignment in quite a while, it’s critical that you not allow this very auspicious time pass you by and manifest itself only as a nice vacation. Now is the time for you to act on all of your hopes, wishes, and dreams. With a Grand Trine (the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter in total harmony) opening the month, you should be running up the stairs at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park like you stole something. Just one look and a few boot camp classes with Cancer fitness guru Kira Stokes and you can see and overcome the weight gain challenges of the Moon child.

Leo (July 22–August 22)
Your ruler, the Sun, is shining so bright as the month begins, but you would rather embrace passing clouds. Stop it. As you struggle with heavy responsibilities at work and home, welcome the chore and challenge to swim out to the ship that won’t come to you. This month you must jump into that nebulous sea of self-doubt and not only conquer your fears, but reap the benefit of the backstroke. Literally. Leo’s body part is the back. And, when worked, you have the best and most beautiful backs and lats in the zodiac.

Virgo (August 23–September 21)
The month opens with your ruler, Mercury, moving backwards and an internal musical soundtrack playing a Bob Marley medley “Is This Love/Could You Be Love.” The answer could be “yes” as Venus moves into your sign at month’s end and Mercury goes direct. However, you must address possible self-esteem issues and your need for the “perfect” partner. Nobody is perfect, including you.

Jesse Alexander Flywheel
Flywheel’s Jesse Alexander is a Scorpio.

Libra (September 22October 22)
Like your friend Leo, it’s all about the back (for you, the lower back and butt in particular) and conquering that feeling of the weight of the world on your shoulders, as Saturn and the Sun challenge you all month. Libra’s Loi Jordon of Equinox and Reign Hudson at Crunch Fitness via their amazing and intense sculpt classes can have you thanking more than just your momma for a butt like that.

Scorpio (October 23November 22)
This is a mystical magical month filled with endless possibilities, as you bask in the glory of a divine feeling Grand Trine. You will have the powerful and stabilizing force of Saturn keeping you grounded and not going all “kid in the candy store” wasting fortuitous energy. You must be an adult realizing some of the dreams and goals from your immature years. One look at the physical transformation of fellow Scorpio, Flywheel’s Jesse Alexander, and you’ll see how change is possible.

Sagittarius (November 23December 21)
Mars is opposing you, and Jupiter moving into your solar eighth house has given you a month of arduous responsibilities. Stay away from acrimonious disputes over joint finances. If you’re ready to improve your love life (regardless if you are single or partnered), you now have the wonderful influence of bright and bold Uranus making you aware that love comes from the most unexpected places…like at Jupiter’s paradise Barry’s Bootcamp, or parting glances running or biking down the Hudson River Bike Path.

Capricorn (December 21January 20) 
Like Scorpio, you goats need to keep it real and like to take it straight with no ambiguity. That stated, July is a tough month. With so much planetary opposition, and the challenges of an ongoing Uranus-Pluto battle, you need to be fully aware that in the end “opposition” is your best friend. You are a natural climber and the tough hill that you face is a metaphor for your natal need to bring structure and order out of chaos. Accept the struggles of this month with open arms, because at month’s end, as Venus moves into Virgo, love will save the day.

Aquarius (January 21February 18)
As the month opens and closes with issues of love and money, the great Groucho Marx’s funny but true line is so on point for you: “While money can’t buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.” Take care with excessive eating as Jupiter enters your solar sixth house. Like Gemini and Virgo you tend to have the least struggle with weight gain, but please know Aquarian Oprah Winfrey was born with Jupiter in the sixth house.

Rachel Buschert Equinox
Equinox’s Rachel Buschert is a Pisces.

Pisces (February 19March 20)
July is a very good month for you. The question is, will you sit and daydream at the beach or will you use and own this enormously positive time to make those dreams come true? Take a cue from fellow Piscean Equinox’s Rachel Buschert and get Whipped and Stacked. A loss of direction is a constant battle for you. This month, however, puts you in a pragmatic state of mind and being. The victim card will not work.

Aries (March 21April 19)
Of all the Sun signs you prefer to work out alone. However, this month, listening and welcoming other points of view is extremely important for progress with your health and wellness. Ruth Zukerman, founder and master instructor at Flywheel, is the ideal Aries model for leading but also sharing and building a community with her riders. Also, all month as Mercury is retrograde and the Moon goes full on the eighth, you must look to your opposite sign, Libra, and strike a perfect balance with home and career issues.

Taurus (April 20May 20)
Misunderstandings and nursing slight wounds will be the opening scene at the beginning of the month. However, as you work on a life long chore of being less stubborn and so fixed in cement with “my way or the highway,” the end of the month promises clarity and contentment with your partner. Please be aware at the middle of the month as life gets sweeter, and big Jupiter makes nice with your ruler, Venus, it would be wise to turn your back to the dessert counter. Yoga instructor fellow Taurus Equinox’s Arnold Patricio can assist you with self-control and self awareness, and Barry Bootcamp’s instructor Noah Neiman, also a Taurus, can help you run and “let go.”

Gemini (May 21June 21)
Your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde for a significant portion of the month. And even as it goes direct on the 20th, the remaining days of the month would be best used clearing up any unresolved issues, especially financial ones. Although you and Virgo have the highest metabolisms of all the signs, be very careful this month as big Jupiter moves into sometimes heavy Cancer and attempts to slow you down. One word for you: run.

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