Good American Introduces a Totally New Activewear Category for Everybody Who Works up a Sweat

Photo: Good American
On Thursday, Good American—the fashion brand known for making jeans that feel like leggings and fashion-forward gym-wear—launched active intimates: a line of sports bras and undies that go beneath your athletic apparel to "allow you to feel safe and secure while you go hard."

Not your average intimates, Good American's fresh offerings cost between $15 to $69 and come in sizes XS to 4XL with low, medium, and high-impact options. Sports bras that finally work with your body are set to be big in 2020, and Good American seems to have gotten the memo with 10 styles, including scooping necklines, high-waisted bikinis, and compression thongs that offer wear for every body and every workout. "This means moving just as freely during more intensive workouts as you would in lighter touch activities. Plus each piece contains antimicrobial yarn finishes and moisture-wicking technology to keep things fresh and clean all day," writes the brand in an email to Well+Good.

Good American active intimates
Photo: Good American

As Good American points out, the black, blush, and white doesn't just herald a new line of bras and panties; instead, it introduces a new activewear category. As many fitness lovers rearrange their closets so that leggings and sports bras mix and mingle with their everyday wear, intimates designed to do just that are fit to change lives. You can sport the pinch-free bras and undies to your favorite fitness class, sure. But the nylon-elastane blend also guarantees that you could wear it all day at work and catch an evening class instead.

One last thing to stuff into your gym bag? I'm in.

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