3 powerful new juicers and blenders for the green-drink obsessed


So you’ve obviously heard of the NutriBullet and the Vitamix (and maybe even have both in your kitchen), but there’s a new crop of high-tech juicers and blenders out there waiting for your organic kale and ripe avocados. Retrieve them now.

These shiny new gadgets are picking up where the previous generation left off. Think high-powered pulverizer, a chic to-go canister option, or a super sleek juicer design, all of which are made for juicing and blending mavens. (These might not be the right kitchen gadgets if you’ve never blended or juiced at home before. And a head’s up, they don’t come cheap.)

We asked health coach and smoothie-making aficionado Quinn Asteak to walk us through the killer features of these three new juicers and blenders, and who they’re great for. We’re thinking you.

Share your smoothie and juice recipes with us in the Comments, below, and happy sipping! —Molly Gallagher

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Breville Boss What: Breville Boss

Price: $450

Who’s it great for: If you’ve been holding out for a “real” blender, are a master at making smoothies at home, and love sleek kitchen gadgets, this one’s up your blending alley.

The Boss is Breville’s super high-powered blender, meant to rival the popular Vitamix 5200. It has about the same horsepower and number of watts, and the price is in the same ballpark, too. In many ways the differences just come down to aesthetics, says Asteak. “The Boss is the young, slightly hipper version of a Vitamix—it looks a little more updated. It’s kind of for people who love the newest innovation.” And pretty, shiny things on their kitchen counter.

Instead of “high” and “low” buttons, with The Boss you push the button for what you’re making. “There’s a soup button and a smoothie button and that’s nice for people—it’s very straightforward and it knows how to deal with what you’re putting into it,” Asteak says.

One downside, however, was that it was found to be a bit noisier than the Vitamix 5200 by Consumer Reports. Maybe make a little extra smoothie to appease your neighbors? 

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Juicepresso What: Juicepresso

Price: $400

Who’s it great for: People who can’t deal with cleaning their juicer or the amount of space it can take up in your kitchen.

Juicepresso has been around for a few years, but it was just recently introduced in America—and at-home juicers are rejoicing. Namely because it’s the sleek size of a NutriBullet. “Most cold presses are massive,” Asteak explains. And because it’s incredibly easy to clean.

While many cold presses require you to half disassemble it to clean it, this one’s like having a tidy French press. No, better. The mesh, brush, and screw are all part of one extraction piece, which means you only have one item to clean (game changer!). It’s also dishwasher safe, unlike some of its competitors’ juicers by Breville and Omega, which you have to wash by hand (another game changer!).

That said, “this is the kind of juicer that only does one thing, [so] you have to know that you love juicing,” Asteak says. “Or it’s good if you’re spending tons buying juices [and see this as a savings].”

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Vitamix-S30 What: Vitamix S30

Price: $409

Who’s it great for: Vitamix diehards who’ve been jonesing for a personal-size version of the brand’s famous counter-top model

“[This is] for the person who is super addicted to their health routine and that can’t go a day without their smoothie. It was designed to be like the NutriBullet, so that you can take [the drink] with you,” Asteak says.

While the NutriBullet is pretty powerful for its size—and price—with a 600-watt motor, Vitamix’s S30 is built with a 790-watt motor, making it that much more powerful, with a price tag to match (it’s about $300 more expensive than the NutriBullet.) The blend-and-go canister holds the same amount of liquid, but Vitamix’s has a sleeker design.

“There’s something about the Vitamix…it’s like a Bentley versus a bicycle. They will both get you where you need to go but the Vitamix is just a better ride,” Asteak says.

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