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Matcha Mochi Yogurt PopsMatcha’s popularity is more than just a quick (caffeine) spike; in the two years since we first spotlighted the powdered superfood, which is loaded with disease-preventing, blood sugar-regulating, metabolism-boosting antioxidants, its list of converts (including some former coffee addicts) has been growing.

But matcha isn’t limited to just your teacup; from oatmeal to pasta to, yes, even martinis, there’s a way to get the superstar energy booster into just about every meal of the day. These 33 recipes help make mega-cool matcha an even bigger part of your life, no mug required. —Willa Tellekson-Flash

(Photo: My Name is Yeh)


Get Started


1. Matcha Chia Glow

2. Vanilla Almond Matcha and Chocolate Lava Shake

3. Matcha Green Tea Martini

4. Matcha White Hot Chocolate

(Photo: Half Baked Harvest)




5. Matcha Coconut Porridge

6. Energizing Green Smoothie Bowl

7. Matcha Chia Pudding Parfait

8. Matcha Oatmeal with Sesame and Coconut

9. Paleo Mini Matcha Muffins

10. Matcha Granola with Blueberries

11. Matcha Overnight Oats

12. Coconut Quinoa Matcha Parfaits

(Photo: 40 Aprons)


matcha granola barsSnacks

13. Coconut Matcha Energy Bars

14. Matcha Pistachio Bliss Balls

15. Matcha Green Granola Bars

(Photo: My New Roots)


Matcha Sushi BallsSavory Dishes

16. Fall Asian Salad with Matcha Ginger Dressing

17. Matcha Sushi Balls

18. Matcha Pistachio Crusted Halibut

19. Black Bean Burgers with Matcha Aioli

20. Kale Chickpea Pesto on Green Tea Soba Noodles

(Photo: Thirsty for Tea)



Matcha and Black Sesame Marble CakeSweet Dishes
21. Matcha Mochi Yogurt Pops

22. Gluten Free Matcha Crêpes

23. Brownies with Matcha Glaze

24. Matcha + Black Sesame Marble Cake

25. Raw Matcha Macaroons

26. Matcha Blondies

27. Matcha Coconut Ice Cream

(Photo: Tartlet Sweets)



Matcha-Custard-TartMore Sweet Dishes
28. Matcha Custard Tart with Chocolate Crust

29. Green Tea and Raspberry Loaf

30. Midnight Matcha Bites

31. Raw Vegan Matcha Ice Cream Sandwiches

32. Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups

33. Matcha Tiramisu

(Photo: Veggies by Candlelight)



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