5 new juice cleanses New Yorkers are sipping on

A new crop of cleanse companies suggests New York's thirst for juice has not nearly been quenched.
Urban Remedy

It may seem like New York’s juice cleanse market is saturated with successful companies like Organic Avenue, BluePrint, and Cooler Cleanse.

But a new crop of cleanse companies suggests the city’s thirst for juiced and blended fruits and veggies has not nearly been quenched.

Whether brand new or new to New York, these juice companies share the ethos of giving your digestion a break from work dinners and takeout while putting their own spin on what’s currently bottled.

Meet the five new juice-cleanse companies that want to give you something to sip on.

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Like many juice and cleanse companies, Rawpothecary was founded by an ambitious Institute for Integrative Nutrition grad, who set up shop inside the city’s Organic Food Incubator in Long Island City.

But former art dealer Stephanie Walczak’s does one defining thing differently—produce is blended (Vitamix-style) instead of juiced because she’s passionate about retaining the fiber of the fruits and veggies. Expect a pulpier texture as a result and really cute drink names, like Kalefornia Dreamin’ and Dandi Candy.

Rawpothecary is also known for its deliciously rich nut milks, like Monkey Business, a walnut-banana blend that tastes decadent.




Revitalive Revitalive

Apparently New England exports more than just chowda’. This Massachusetts-based raw, vegan cafe and juice cleanse company just expanded its delivery to include the five boroughs of New York City.

Revitalive sources its all-organic produce from local farms, and its cleanse options include various levels from just juice to juice-raw food combo.

Juices tend to be simple in flavor and on the sweeter side, and some come with probiotics, like the Probiotic Punch.




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Urban Remedy Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy, founded by West Coast acupuncturist, Neka Pasquale, just launched nationwide. The juice-and-more company offers three cleanses—Signature, Purify, and Super Green.

Expect super-chic packaging and creative blends like Carrots, Dandelion, Lemon, and Burdock and a spicy lemonade spin-off that includes acai.




Go Liquid Cleanse Gingersnap’s Organics Go Liquid Cleanse

This East Village restaurant is a go-to spot for raw, vegan foodies. And while it already served juices and food-based cleanses, the Go Liquid Cleanse is its first full foray into an all-juice cleanse.

The cleanse includes some of Gingersnap’s popular in-store juices like Go Beet It (with beet, carrot, and ginger), and founder Jamie Graber is emphatic about one thing: It’s not about weight loss.

“We’re not advocating not eating,” says Graber, just kick-starting your body with a break from some of the (processed or rich) foods you torment it with.



Love Grace Foods

This indie brand has found an unlikely niche delivering their green juices and cleanses to Wall Street traders. But you don’t need a finance degree to appreciate its complex, flavorful cold-pressed juices—like Green Sunshine or Longevity Tonic.

Founders Carissa-Ann Santos and Jacob Mabanta just increased Love Grace’s distribution by 50 percent so expect to see them in more New York stores soon. For now, you can order at-home delivery or pick up a bottle at High Vibe in the East Village or Dharma Mittra’s Yoga Center.




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