Astrologically farmed eggs are now a thing

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Cracking organic, cage-free eggs in the kitchen is routine, but the latest food trend might have you checking the astrological calendar.

On a recent episode of Eating Well—a British TV show starring London’s coolest healthy sisters, Hemsley + Hemsley bloggers Jasmine and Melissa—the pair hit up an astrological farm in England to pick up some veggies and astrologically farmed eggs, explaining to viewers that when it comes to what they eat, the moon is their guide, The Daily Mail reports.

Photo: Instagram/@hemsleyhemsley

And while it is a new topic of conversation among wellness influencers, astrological food isn’t exactly a new phenom. Biodynamic wines—made with grapes that are 100 percent organic with no artificial chemicals in the soil or plants, and incorporates their position to the moon—have been a trend for a while, but now it’s extending to eggs. The whole idea of astrological farming started in the 1920s—also when organic farming became popular—when scientist Rudolf Steiner found that seeds planted two days before a full moon gave the best results.

So how exactly does this relate to eggs, which are laid, not grown? Farmers can consult a moon almanac to birth healthier chickens, said to lay eggs that taste more flavorful. And there are standards for the farms themselves: They must be totally self-sufficient, with nothing artificial in the chicken feed, compost, or manure. That said, the nutrition value is reportedly the same as other eggs.

Just like cage-free and organic eggs, you can expect to pay a bit more for astrological eggs because of the extra human labor and farm costs involved. The price is roughly 20 cents more for a carton of six organic eggs. For now, you really have to seek out astrological farms for the goods, but the more talk the trend gets, who knows? You might see big retailers turning the egg aisle into something that looks more like a birth chart.

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