Best of summer: Healthy food news

The healthiest New York food news you may have missed.

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Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with your Well+Good reading all summer long.

But if between jaunts to the Hamptons and beach days in the Rockaways you ditched the laptop for toteable, trashy paperbacks and missed a few things here, we totally understand.

So, we’re rounding up our best stories of the summer to give you another chance to catch up on the latest healthy New York news before the frenzy of fall sets in.

Here are the best healthy food stories you may have missed this summer:

The 5 best and worst nutrition bars
Sure, nutrition bars can be part of a healthy lifestyle, but most are loaded with carbs and sugar. We evaluated 30-some bars to find the best—and worst.

Do you have a dirty little dietary secret? And is it called Diet Coke?
While sipping diet soda can seem harmless, especially in moderation, a surprising number of substantial studies show otherwise.

Eric Helms is hoarding this superfruit
Juice Generation’s founder is so obsessed with nutrient-packed pitaya fruit—and thinks you will be, too—that he’s keeping the crops to himself. Well, sort of.

Rouge Tomate
An SPE dish at Rouge Tomate: Ricotta gnudi with asparagus, black truffles, and morels

Rouge Tomate’s healthy dining charter is now being served nationwide
Notable chefs in New York and nationwide are taking on the SPE charter modeled by Rouge Tomate for transparently healthier dishes.

With Chobani’s new Soho boutique, yogurt bars are having a moment
Yesterday, Chobani joined Dannon and Stonyfield Organics with its new Soho yogurt bar. It’s like another froyo explosion—just without the fro.

Juice Landmark Liquiteria presses on—with new locations and hot partnerships
As Organic Avenues and Juice Generations began to pop up on every corner, it seemed this East Village landmark would be left in the dust. Until now.

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