Your antidote to holiday overload: this calming, detoxifying tonic

adaptogen tonic free and native If you haven’t yet heard of adaptogens, the superherbs (and a few roots) that help your body manage stress like a boss, we think they’re gonna be huge in the wellness world come 2016. And this post-holiday tonic is a great way to try a few out. Dreamed up by holistic guru Lacy Phillips, the mastermind behind the blog Free + Native, it provides a calming effect via the adaptogenic mushroom reishi in one toasty mug.

The brew offers up serenity no matter when you sip it—but is particularly potent around this time of year, when freak-outs seem to go hand-in-hand with high-pressure end of year deadlines, family visits, and heaps of extra travel. “My go-to calming drink over the holidays is this tonic,” says Phillips. “I lean on reishi to ground me, combat stress, and gently cleanse the liver.”


For an added boost, Phillips likes adding a trippy ingredient called ormus that some say has mindfulness-enhancing effects. “They are minerals in capsule and liquid form that have essentially been orbitally re-arranged. Ormus’ electromagnetic harmonizing of the two spheres of the brain [allows] for deeper focus and opening the psychic,” Phillips adds.

Below, get her calming, detoxifying tonic recipe.

Lacy Phillips’ Reishi Ormus Tonic

1 cup Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon tea (with gynostemma)
1 Tbsp reishi powder
1 capsule of ormus (optional)
1 tsp mesquite
2 dashes of ground cinnamon
1 dash of molasses
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
Stevia to taste (approximately 2 drops)

Steep tea in boiling water for three minutes. Add hot water, plus all ingredients above, to a blender and mix for 30 seconds. Top with cacao nibs.

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(Photos: Lacy Phillips)

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