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Get an energizing splash of an Asian superfruit in Trader Joe’s new sparkling coconut water

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Cheat Sheet: 11 summer recipes you have to try before August ends

Tomatoes-RockefellerThe warm weather makes for mouth-watering summer produce (the heirlooms!), and it’s time to really take advantage of the farmers market bounty. Out of ideas after countless barbecues? Here are 11 brilliant ways to treat yourself, and those you cook for, to fabulous, fresh summer meals before August ends.  —Emily Karr

1. The most unexpected, delicious way to eat tomatoes this summer
This is a super fresh, veggie-loving take on a classic recipe: New Tomatoes Rockefeller. And it’s ripe for your next BBQ.

2. 5 refreshing, super-creative summer juice recipes
These hydrating DIY blends use the season’s freshest produce—like peaches and zucchini—and provide sweet relief from the summer heat.

3. Beat salad boredom: 3 recipes to make for lunch all summer long
Recipes so easy, delicious, and pretty (hey, that’s important too), you’ll never want to buy lunch at work again.

4. The green juice that was made for hot summer days
Brought to you by a Rastafarian organic farmer and a veggie drink guru named Juicy, who make their blends cliffside, overlooking the ocean in Jamaica.

green juice recipe

5. Grilled Summer Vegetable Quinoa Salad
A weekend of bring-a-dish BBQs is approaching, and this healthy, seasonal side is perfect for walk-up apartment dwellers for whom charcoal is not exactly an option.

6. Watermelon, Lime, and Hibiscus Ice Pops
Whip these up to impress Memorial Day soiree guests—and use ’em to cool down all summer long.

7. Ridiculously cool recipes from The Summer Shift
Rockaway Beach’s new food shack shares recipes for its light and healthy Latin dishes, like Palta Rellena (stuffed avocado!) and a killer Acai Smoothie Bowl.

8. Summer Squash Tart from Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife
The D.C.-based salad joint shares healthy recipes—and the songs you should cook to. Try this in-season one to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.”

(Photo: Sweetgreen)

9. 5 brilliant, easy, and healthy summer mason jar recipes
Since putting meals in mason jars is officially a thing—we share five hot (but actually cool) summer recipes that you can throw in a jar. Enjoy!

10. 7 sexy, chilled summer soups
These talented food bloggers are making chilled summer soup hot again.

11. Fig and Olive’s Zucchini Carpaccio
Executive chef Pascal Lorange shares his super simple vegetarian take on carpaccio—perfect for a late-summer picnic.


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Get yuzu fruit in Trader Joe's new sparkling coconut water

Get an energizing splash of an Asian superfruit in Trader Joe’s new sparkling coconut water

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