Chewable coffee is here—and it might be healthier than the brewed stuff

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No, we still can’t get to the gym without coffee. So yes, we want to know about all coffee-related innovations from Keurig to cold brew to—wait for it—cubes. And Nootrobox, a Silicon Valley startup dedicated to “biohacking,” knows it. So here’s what they’re doing: giving you a coffee gummy that claims to boost your brainpower (rather than revving your nerves).

Nootrobox’s Go Cubes were the hit of SXSW Interactive, Macworld reports, and apparently the Internet is boiling over with the news. Here’s how it works and why some people are more excited about these gummies than when your gym buddy picks up the tab for your post-workout lattes.

Go Cubes are essentially a mainstream way to hack your brain, according to Macworld, since in addition to cold brew coffee they contain Nootrobox’s brand of nootropics (AKA those “smart drug” supplements getting a lot of attention in the tech world). Plus, the cubes contain L-theanine (commonly found in green tea), B6, and methylated B12, which are shown to improve caffeine for enhanced focus and clarity, the company says. Two Go Cubes are the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

As for whether or not they actually taste good? Macbook’s tester says that yeah, they actually do taste “almost exactly like a latte,” with a Sour Patch Kid-like consistency. And the boost seems legit, she writes: “When I hit my 3 p.m. post-lunch slump, two cubes turned me into a machine of productivity, churning out stories and emails.”

Want to try ’em for yourself? You’ll have to wait a bit—the Go Cubes supply sold out in just three days on Amazon Launchpad (at $59 for a box of 20 four-packs). Now that’s some overcaffeinated shopping—everybody take a deep breath (or three!).

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