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It’s common knowledge that apple cider vinegar is good for you, doing everything from curing bloating, keeping acne away, and even helping you fall asleep faster. But it’s not a secret that it isn’t as easy to drink as, well, apple juice. After all, it’s vinegar—it’s going to be a little tart.

Leave it to two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to find a way to reap the benefits, in the form of a refreshing summer drink. Luckily, she’s not keeping the recipe to herself. Douglas recently teamed up with Gillette Venus to reveal her favorite healthy habits—and no, they aren’t all about shaving.

The star gymnast incorporates it into red berry tea (Health & Heather has a great one), and adds a little lemon and honey, which has B vitamins and iron. And while the 20-year-old champ clearly has many talents, she didn’t come up with this concoction on  her own—it’s her grandmother’s recipe. Douglas’ preferred time to sip her tea is in the morning with her oatmeal, but it can be enjoyed hot or iced any time. Genius, right?

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